Start || Relaunch new Steckwerk website - february 2014

Relaunch new Steckwerk website - february 2014

Af­ter many weeks of plan­n­ing, de­sign­ing, dis­cuss­ing, text­ing and pro­gram­ming we are very proud to pre­sent the new Steck­w­erk web­site. A bit of a new look and an ex­tend­ed as­sort­ment of our prod­uct line await you. We now of­fer a clas­sic stool, can­ter­bury and Steck­w­erk t-shirts along our icon shelv­ing sys­tem, table and deer.

With our new con­fig­u­ra­tor you can de­sign your own shelf in a few easy steps. Have fun con­fig­u­rat­ing your in­di­vi­d­u­al shelv­ing sys­tem!

Spe­cial thanks to our friends from wel­träume GmbH and For­maspect for the sup­port!